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Current Issue
Vol. 1, No. 1, Autumn & Winter 2009

Effect of cavosurface margin configuration of class V cavity preparation on micro leakage of composite resin restorations
H. Ameri, M. Ghavamnasiri, M. Bagheri
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Radiographic evaluation of impacted teeth prevalence Dental faculty of Babol 2004-2006
S. Haghanifar,P. Emamverdizadeh
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Comparison of the three body wear of Z250,Opallis and Heliomolar
H. Alaghehmand, A. Alehavaz, M.Masomi
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Comparative evaluation of hardness dental composite polymerized with LED and Halogen Light Curing units
H. Safarcherati, H.Alaghehmand
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Determination of Aspartate Aminotransferase activity in saliva of patients with chronic periodontitis before and after treatment
M. Khosravi, M. HajiAmjad, Durdi Qujeq
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A survey of mandibular fracture regions of patients of Boualisina,Shafa, Nime shaban hospital in Sari from 2005 until 2006
K. Nosrati, S.Babaei, J.Ashrafi Moshkabadi
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Fluoride level of trade fruit juices used by children in City of Babol Kindergartens (1384)
N. Pasdar, MJ. Chaychi, S. Karbasioun
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Effect of different preparation methods on repaired Hybrid Ionomer and Compomer restorations
M.Tabari, H.Safar Cherati, V. Soltan Karimi, M.Shojaei, A.Bijani
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